Ove Varik        


HISTORY Ove descends from a long line of craftsmen. His great grandfather made musical instruments. His grandfather built wooden boats and was a boat mechanic. Ove’s father re-built antique cars.

Since the age of 5 Ove was interested in knives and chisels.

He attended an experimental art college in Estonia where he specialized in woodcarving and sculpture.

His first job was with the Theatre in Estonia as a stagehand and occasional actor.

Later, in the Ural Mountains of Russia, he learned the historic art of building, without nails, wooden houses and saunas.

For three years he worked as a wood carver of XIII century icons in the Georgian Orthodox monastery for Patriarch Ilia II.

The travel bug bit and Ove toured Europe and paused for a while to build wooden Atlantic fishing boats in Morocco.

Ove opened a custom woodworking shop in Lithuania specializing in custom woodworks. It is still a successful business.

He eventually ended up in London.

He spent his first two years in London at Bentley & Skinner as a gemstone carver of micro sculptures. This respected company was first invited to supply jewelry to the Royal Family in the latter years of Queen Victoria’s reign. Bentley & Skinner, Jewelers by Royal Appointment to both Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, have between them been buying and selling the loveliest jewelry for over 180 years.

Since his main craft is woodworking, he worked the next two years in London for Rick Baker Furniture, which is known for custom, exclusive, high-end furniture.

For 10 years, in New York City, Ove worked as a freelance artist and craftsman. His artistic work includes wood and granite sculptures.

As a craftsman he has set-up woodworking workshops, designed and built high quality custom furniture, and made musical instruments including violins and guitars. He also is a design consultant from furniture to house remodeling. Ove’s dream job is to build a wooden church without nails.

Recently, Ove has also become more involved in inventing tools and techniques for woodworking. His inventions have all been created out of necessity. The tools or jigs that he needed to use simply did not exist. For example, nobody has a sharpener jig for a specific and common woodworking blade. His tools are based on making the workers life easier and more professional. The tools are like Ove, straightforward and uncomplicated.

He has spent the last 3 years in the wild woods of Estonia experimenting with Natural forms of converting power, improving basic mechanical devices, and experimenting. He is very grateful that in his early school years he ignored what the teachers were saying and spent time in the woods. Not all the teachers he had were bad, but information has been suppressed to benefit those who have invested their lives to keep the world running one way. For example, Nikola Tesla had many ideas that were stopped, stolen after his death, and kept quiet to keep the current system of transportation, electricity, and communication running one way. The current way is not bad, but it is very inefficient and it’s time is over. There are many ways that exist that are much greener, cleaner, sustainable, and yes simpler. His goal and desire is to benefit people by presenting some of these more Natural options.