Ove Varik        

NOTE: all inventions are patent pending in various countries and reflect my different passions and interests. They came about because I was tired of the commercial bullshit that did not work. If you have an idea, but don't know how to build it, call me. I am inventing for the people.  


  PG WHEEL    


This mechanical device on my website is proof that many common laws of physics that we were taught in school were incorrect. Not that the teachers we had were bad, but information has been suppressed to benefit those who have invested their lives to keep oil as the main commodity on the world market. For example, Nikola Tesla had many ideas that were stopped, stolen after his death, and kept quiet to keep the current system of transportation, electricity, and communication running one way. The current way is not bad, but it is very inefficient and it’s time is over. My goal and desire is to benefit people by presenting one other option. The PG wheel follows the laws of Nature, not the laws of a few men.

The PG Wheel has been demonstrated to professors, engineers, and scientists and after a moment of shock, they all understood that yes it does work. We have conducted numerous experiments that demonstrate that any moving or rotating mechanism can be 3,5 times more effective on land, 5,3 times more effective on water, and 8 times more effective in the air.

For more detailed information or to see the PG Wheel in person, please contact me personally and after signing an NDA you can see how easily Nature works.



With easy pedaling one can bike 96 km/hr and with a little more effort the top speed of 190 km/hr was reached.

This is just the beginning. . .

The invention itself has very little to do with bikes, it forces every rotating mechanism to move faster: cars, garden tools, boats, etc.

The next step is an independent home generator. So support me and you can cut the grid wires.






(watch at the 27:30 minute mark for a brief and edited interview)


Onboard Charger for all kinds of Transportation and Electrical Devices

A fully functioning conceptual prototype exists with shocking results.

This project was created to provide an alternate solution to harness electricity for energy storage that does not rely on the whimsy of the sun or wind, or the destruction of the forests, and does not produce any waste, harmful or otherwise.

It does require manual hand cranking at 60rpm with a torque of 30gm or a simple rotating device with 1Nm.

Additional unique qualities of the Charger are that it weighs less than 25kg, no larger than a modest coffee table, and quiet. If more power is needed, additional units can be added to each other. For example, to create a home version that produces 15kw with 30 amperes, it will not be larger or noisier than a small refrigerator.

The “fuel” comes from the atmosphere to produce NC that can be converted to AC or DC.


Magnets make for very boring photos.


Magnets come in many strengths. There are weak ones that hold a piece of paper on the refridgerator up to ones that can pull 100kg of metal.

Magnets also break, I know, I have broken many in my experiments.

But it is possible to make them with an adjustable pulling force. One magnet can be as harmless as a piece of metal or as strong as you need it to be. It is similar to building a custom pair of shoes that fit your feet exactly. You may not be exactly a size 47 or 48, but a size 47,85.


Pictures will be available when I get back to the workshop!


Air has more power than any government. With my new mechanical device your homes will be much happier and you can kill some of those monthly bills. I am talking about a radial engine that works form the inside out, instead of the outside in.
To prove the efficiency of the RP we made several experiments and today we are fully ready to build a working prototype and get into the production of this unique power source. And again contact me personally when ready to sign an NDA.




This sharpener jig is the only sharpener that has the ability to quickly sharpen and balance all types of quick-change and classical straight edge blades, including the “un-reusable” Tersa blades.

These blades are used for machines that all woodworking shops have. Current sharpeners do not balance the blades and they take a long time to slightly sharpen the blade. This one is fast, accurate, safe, and easy to use.

These are the attachments for regular jointer/planer blades. The results are better than any other system.

This nail gun on the left used to work with compressed air. But I was tired of going to building sites and having to drag a hose for air and a cord for electricity around with me. Now it just needs your hand. It is quiet and no hoses, stupid compressor, or electricity are needed.

The self pulling magnetic clamp on the right is for very complex gluing where regular clamps will not work. One of my best inventions because it is better than any clamp and is so simple.

    THE CINEMA    

Camera holder for professional photographers and kino guys.

    Why do the cameras have to be on two rails? It is easier this way with only one. The 5 meter circle takes only 10 minutes to set up. The guys are happy so far.  

I love to fish, but I hate it when the fish scales fly in my face. With this tool you can scale your fish in your bedroom because no fish scales fly.
The smallest professional cigarette loader. Makes you happy in about 10 seconds and what you load is up to you.

It loads the cigarette easily, not too tight, and it is comfortable to use. No awkward, large clunky plastic machines that do not work well or need electricity. Plus it fits so well in your pocket.